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Culinary Community Kitchen | Mesquite TX

Cooking Classes & Commissary Kitchen in Mesquite, TX

Culinary Community Kitchen is more than a fully equipped professional kitchen space – it’s a dynamic hub designed for food service professionals, aspiring chefs of all skill levels and culinary entrepreneurs. Established in 2022 by professional chefs Mike Kelley & Brooke Kelley, CCK offers a vibrant ecosystem fostering innovation and community collaboration. Our facility also serves as a small business incubator, providing the support and resources needed to turn your culinary dreams into a reality. Our commitment to sustainability shines through our community garden hub promoting locally sourced, fresh ingredients. Whether you’re a seasoned chef looking for a top-notch commissary kitchen space or someone eager to enhance your culinary skills through our public cooking classes, CCK is the place for you!

Meet Our Chefs

CCK is one of the only co-working kitchen spaces & avocational cooking classrooms run by professional chefs in the Dallas area! Brooke & Mike Kelley each bring almost 20 years of professional culinary experience encompassing a wide range of cuisine & experiences from working around the world and the US. Come see what they’re cooking up next at one of our cooking classes every Friday, Saturday & Sunday!

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Explore Our Kitchen

Our fully equipped shared kitchen space is ready to tackle any task at hand! With an expansive selection of smallwares, a dedicated pastry room, cold/dry/freezer storage options and a hot line outfitted with ranges, ovens, grills and more, the Community Kitchen Space can help elevate the production & efficacy of your growing small business!

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View Our Resources

Dive into a wealth of culinary knowledge and inspiration by exploring CCK’s Resources. Our blog is a treasure trove of recipes, cooking techniques, and insights into essential culinary tools and accessories. Stay connected with the local culinary scene through our featured events section, and be inspired by the testimonials of our thriving community. Additionally, you can take advantage of our specialized services, including knife sharpening, and experience the exquisite touch of boutique catering.

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Our Blogs

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CCK Garden Space

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