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Culinary Community Kitchen | Mesquite TX
About Us

Learn more about Culinary Community Kitchen, your premier commercial co-working space, public cooking classroom, small business incubator, and community garden hub!

About Culinary Community Kitchen in Mesquite, TX

Imagine a place where you can get hands-on experience with professional chefs, grow and harvest local produce, or start your own culinary business all under one roof. Located just outside Dallas, TX, Culinary Community Kitchen (CCK) is where the vision of professional chefs Mike and Brooke Kelley comes to life. CCK stands as a versatile haven for culinary enthusiasts and professionals alike. Read on to learn more about Culinary Community Kitchen, where passion meets expertise in a space designed to inspire, educate, and cultivate the culinary community in Mesquite and beyond.

Classes & Events

Discover the art of crafting mouthwatering recipes with guidance from seasoned chefs, or indulge in an exquisite private dining experience with your friends or colleagues!

Commissary Kitchen

Elevate your business growth in North Texas and beyond with our expertly equipped co-working kitchen space. Unlock the tools and guidance needed to overcome challenges and thrive in your culinary venture!

Members of Our Thriving Community

Chef Brooke Kelley

Chef Brooke Kelley

Chef Brooke’s expertise spans from Disneyland Resorts to managing roles in Austin’s vibrant food scene, incorporating international experiences in France and Germany into her expertise.

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Chef Mike Kelley

Chef Mike Kelley

With a culinary journey spanning from renowned restaurants in Austin to studying sustainable farming in France, Chef Michael brings a wealth of experience and passion to create a vibrant culinary community.

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