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Culinary Community Kitchen | Mesquite TX
Our Kitchen

Explore our fully outfitted co-working kitchen.

Professional Co-Working Kitchen in Mesquite, TX

Step into our fully outfitted professional co-working kitchen at Culinary Community Kitchen in Mesquite, TX, where gastronomic dreams come to life. Beyond being a commissary kitchen space, CCK is your strategic partner in overcoming the challenges of growing your business in North Texas and beyond.

Our kitchen is more than just a workspace; it’s a hub of expertise and tools designed to guide you through the intricacies of permits, sales avenues, and local relationship cultivation. Here, we understand that building a successful food enterprise goes beyond crafting a delicious product; it involves navigating production schedules, insurance maintenance, legal entity establishment, and distribution channels.

At CCK, we provide the ideal environment for new businesses to trial, make mistakes, re-direct, and ultimately expand their customer base. Let CCK stand by your side as you take the next steps in your culinary journey.

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Fully Equipped Commissary Kitchen

Our kitchen is fully equipped with industry-leading appliances and tools to propel your culinary venture to new heights. From a 36″ grill to double convection and standard ovens, full 6-burner ranges, a fryer, and stock/candy burners, we have everything you’ll ever need and more!

New smart door locks allow hands-free access and come with a client portal to simplify scheduling and administrative tasks. We even have a dedicated pastry production space and a 20 QT stand mixer, along with specialty equipment, to meet everyone’s unique needs.

At CCK, we’ve curated an environment where every element is designed to support and inspire your culinary journey, from startup to expansion. Whether you’re looking to start a food truck, catering a large event, or bottle up your award-winning hot sauce, Culinary Community Kitchen is the main ingredient in your recipe for success.

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Learn to craft delicious recipes alongside professional chefs, or enjoy a full-service private meal with your friends or co-workers!

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Culinary Consulting

Providing assistance with permitting, exploring emerging markets, and fostering local relationships to propel your business toward greater success.

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Chef’s Table Experience

A unique tasting experience prepared right in front of your eyes! Featuring fully customizable menus to fit any taste or dietary needs.

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Our kitchen is fully equipped with everything you need to get cookin’! You’re always welcome to bring your own gear, but we have all of the following inside our co-working kitchen:

  • 36’“ grill
  • Double convection ovens
  • Double standard ovens
  • 2x Full 6-burner ranges
  • Fryer
  • Stock/Candy Burners
  • Proofing cabinet
  • Short & Long Term Dry Storage
  • Short & Long Term Cooler/Freezer Storage
  • Smart door locks with hands-free access from your smartphone
  • Easy-to-use app & client portal for all your scheduling or admin needs
  • Dedicated pastry production space
  • 20 QT Stand Mixer
  • Your basic pots, pans, roasters, sheet pans, cutting boards, blenders, and small wares
  • Specialty equipment available upon request

To schedule a tour, simply contact us via email at or by phone at (972) 284-9212!

In order to use our professional co-working and commissary kitchen, you must have the following:

  • Current Kitchen Manager Certificate
  • Liability Insurance with CCK listed as Co-insured
  • Any applicable permits that you may need, which can vary depending on your business

Please contact us if you have questions or need help obtaining these documents!

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